Utilising the latest surveying technology to get your project over the line

A job well done starts with understanding your specific needs and goals, and using modern, cutting edge technology to get there. We collect data using powerful robotic Global Navigation Satellite Systems and we process that data with the latest AutoCAD software. With this technology we can achieve survey accuracy to ± 2mm where required.

We're here to guide you through your land development project with ease, and to look for the best solution for your needs, not just a solution. Our full range of services are set out below.

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Land Surveying Services

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"RAD are what you want a surveyor to be. Really responsive, accurate and great with their communication. I can't recommend them highly enough."

- Mark Wright

Topographic surveys icon

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are the starting point in any development. This is a survey to pick up land contours, built and natural features.

From the survey undertaken on site, Rad Surveying produce a topographic plan showing buildings, paved areas, services, spot heights, contours, legal boundaries, trees and tree drip lines heights and feature information. This information underpins all aspects of the project and is used by other professionals (e.g. architects, engineers) for their processes.

Set Out and HIRB Surveys icon

Set Out & HIRB Surveys

As part of the process to develop land, it is critical that the position of new buildings, and infrastructure (like pipes, roads, cables) are built in the correct position. This surety comes with a setout survey.

Rad Surveying provides set out information efficiently and accurately so that you know the project is starting in the right place. Our Licensed Cadastral Surveyors will also provide set out certification and plans where required.

Set out surveys go hand in hand with height in relation to boundary (HIRB) surveys. These are surveys undertaken to ensure buildings meet Council height limitations. Our Licensed Cadastral Surveyors will check that building design and construction meets HIRB requirements and provide certification to that effect.

RMA Consents Icon

RMA Consents

As well as supporting your subdivision by preparing subdivision consent applications, we can prepare land use consent applications to help you navigate District Plan requirements. We are proficient with District Plans for Hamilton City Council, Matamata-Piako District Council, Waikato District Council and Waipa District Council.

Redefinition Surveys icon

Redefinition Surveys

Sometimes you need to know where your property boundaries are. Boundary pegs may be missing or disturbed by construction activity, and it's not always safe to assume that fences and hedges are on the boundary. As Licensed Cadastral Surveyors, Rad Surveying can find and identify your boundaries for you with a redefinition survey. This is a full, cadastral survey to produce a survey of your property and mark the boundaries.

Large Scale Mapping Icon

Large Scale Mapping

For large scale mapping we use a drone with aerial photography to create surveys accurate to 100-150mm. This efficiently captures hundreds of thousands of data points. This service is suited to farms and the preparation of Farm Environment Plans (FEP).

Uplifting Limitations Icon

Uplifting Limitations

Titles that are “limited as to parcels” need further surveying to revert that title to an ordinary guaranteed title (often called “uplifting limitations”). This is a survey led led process that our experienced team can undertake for you.

Cross lease plan corrections icon

Cross lease plan corrections

Our services include surveying buildings (“flats”) for the purposes of updating cross lease plans (“flats plans”). The survey process is heavily intertwined with legal requirements and is often a process led by your solicitor.

Land transfer surveys icon

Land Transfer Surveys

Only Licensed Cadastral Surveyors can produce and sign official Land Transfer Survey Plans (LTplans). LT plans are required for subdivisions, redefinitions surveys, surveys to uplift limitations, cross lease plans, unit title development plans, and easement plans. Rad Surveying have Licensed Cadastral Surveyors who are qualified and experienced to prepare LT plans for you.

"I was first introduced to RAD Surveying Ltd by my town planner in 2015 who recommended Troy’s services.

At the time I needed someone with experience in sub-titling a building I was converting to townhouses, a restaurant and an office plus allotted carparking in Sapper Moore Jones Place, Hamilton. Troy enabled an easy transition into sub-titling this property working closely with my architect, lawyers and Hamilton City Council. A job well done and praised by all concerned.

I have since used Troy for all my surveying, which has ranged from unit titling office blocks, apartment/townhouses to duplexes and standalone developments.

On several occasions I have contacted Troy or a member of his staff to run an idea past that might have an angle for subdivision. I consider this information is invaluable to make a calculation on the viability of a project.

I have no hesitation in recommending RAD Surveying for any type of sub divisional work. His team are experienced, very informative and a pleasure to deal with."

- Mark, Hatwell Properties Ltd

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