About RAD Surveying

The “Rad” in Rad Surveying comes from its founder and owner Troy Radovancich.

From the outset the business was geared to be efficient and responsive to keep client projects
moving forward. Rather than fragmenting roles, clients have one point of contact throughout
their project.

Today the business’ values set the framework under which our team operates:

  • We are the Professionals our clients rely upon.
  • We are Responsive.
  • We look for the best solution, not just a solution.
  • We harness the power of technology.

We are a small agile team, working together with a focus on our client’s objectives. Our experienced, qualified team members complete all aspects of land development including:

  • Planning and subdivision design.
  • Infrastructure design.
  • Obtaining Resource Management Act consents.
  • Construction supervision.
  • Final survey plan preparation and completion of the subdivision process.

Our team includes Licensed Cadastral Surveyors (LCS). Only Licensed Cadastral Surveyors can sign official survey plans, they are accountable to the Surveyor-General and operate under the supervision of Survey and Spatial New Zealand.

444 Tristram Street, Hamilton

Your Land Surveying Professionals

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