Subdivisions are our specialty.

We have experience in all types of subdivision, including rural, urban, greenfield, infill, commercial, industrial, and unit title.

We work with experienced property developers and those new to the game. We can provide high level guidance for the entire process or get involved just when our services are critical. Our established team has proven experience with large greenfield subdivisions, smaller infill development and everything in between.

444 Tristram Street, Hamilton

Our subdivision services include:

  • Scheme plan design
  • Obtaining resource consent from Councils
  • Infrastructure and grading design
  • Liaising with other consultants (eg engineers, ecologists, architects)
  • High level construction supervision and collecting as-built data
  • Satisfying Council that the subdivision has been completed to its requirements
  • Preparing the final subdivision plan
  • Liaising with other parties to obtain titles at the end of the process.

For a modest fee, we can help you establish whether subdivision of your land is possible with a high level, desktop, feasibility assessment. We assess your property against the relevant District Plan rules and prepare a concept plan and development budget. With this information you can make an informed decision.

"The Rad team have been outstanding. Super responsive and very helpful on a recent residential subdivision in Hamilton. Highly recommended."

- Rene Swindley

"We are delighted with the service from Troy and the team at Rad Surveying Ltd. Everything has been done quicker than we expected, and we have been extremely happy with the results. Looking forward to working with Rad Surveying Ltd again on the next project.

As a Property Accountant, I recommend Rad Surveying Ltd to my clients, and have seen lots of great results over the years."

- Ross Barnett

Reliable, accurate data is the start to a successful development

For more information or a no obligation consultation please fill out this form and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.

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